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How can you recover during a divorce?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | blog, Divorce

When you marry someone, you typically expect to be with that person forever. Most couples wrap their identities up in the idea of being a spouse. When you divorce, that ends. To go through a divorce can wreak havoc on your mental and physical health.

According to Psychology Today, many people consider divorce to feel like one of life’s most traumatic events.

The effects of divorce

A traumatic event changes your body’s chemistry. Stress hormones increase, your heart rate increases and your emotional brain takes over. You may experience digestive issues or a pained jaw due to clenching your teeth.

Emotionally, you may feel guilt, grief and depression. Many divorcees either sleep too little or too much. It becomes more difficult to control your emotions and you may experience periods of moodiness.

The road to recovery

The less adversarial the divorce process, the less traumatic the process. If you can have a collaborative divorce, you may experience less stress. Do not be afraid to reach out to those who care about you. Friends and family may not know how to approach you on the subject. Instead, be the one to reach out and let them know that you need reassurance or a shoulder to lean on. For extra support, consider a divorce support group.

Focus on the future and if you have children, let them become your center of focus. They need stable parents to rely on during a divorce. Discuss parenting plans that benefit your children the most.

During a traumatic divorce, be kind and forgiving with yourself. Focus on learning calming techniques to help you through each day.

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