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Is gray divorce really all that uncommon?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Divorce

Is it uncommon to get a divorce later in life? In short: It is not.

It would seem the more people are realizing they need to go their separate ways. Many of these people are older — in their 50s or 60s, for example — does that sound familiar to you?

The data on gray divorce

Whether or not those gray hairs have started to edge their way, you tend to get a little wiser when you get older. As explained on USA Today, divorce rates are highest for people ages 55 to 64.

In a way, it makes good sense. This is the time when most people retire, and, as you know, you tend to spend a lot more time with your spouse after retirement. What might start out looking like a boon can turn quickly into a burden you have to bear.

The reality of marriage

Although it is certainly a social and, in some cases, religious bond, your marriage is also a legal contract. After you get some experience and perspective, that legal side might tend to take a higher priority.

Divorce results in a contract, too: Your divorce agreement. However, it is likely that your divorce will be much more suitable for your precise situation, legally speaking, than your marriage ever was.

Without a prenuptial agreement, your marriage would just be a standard contract. Conversely, you will go through a point-by-point analysis and negotiation before you reach an agreement on the important parts of your divorce.

You will probably have some special concerns now compared to divorcing earlier in life. More assets, more complex family structures. The goal is to work through everything and come up with a fair agreement for a better life apart.

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