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Five signs your marriage may be heading for divorce

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Divorce

Even the longest marriages are not entirely safe from divorce. Recently there has been a massive increase in the rate of older couples getting a divorce. Part of what can help a couple avoid divorce is recognizing the signs that their relationship may be in danger. Some classic signs of divorce can include:

Regular negative interactions

Couples who suffer from constant negative interactions typically wind up getting a divorce. Frequently fighting with one another, taking any opportunity to put down your spouse, and finding yourself in shouting matches nearly every day are common examples of negative interactions.

You are not happy in your marriage

Being unhappy in a marriage for a brief time is not impossible for even the strongest relationships. But, if you have not been happy in your marriage for weeks, months, or longer, it may be a sign that your marriage is in trouble.

Loved ones are telling you to leave

Sometimes, if you are too close to a problem, you cannot recognize it for what it really is. If your friends and family tell you to leave your marriage, it may be because they can see your relationship for what it actually is.

The romance is gone

If you find yourself living with your spouse as though you two are roommates, it can be indicative that the spark between you two is gone. No intimacy, romantic gestures, or small signs of love can mean that neither spouse is interested in a romantic relationship.

You are avoiding your spouse

Finding yourself spending the majority of your time away from your spouse is a typical sign of divorce. Staying late at work, running constant errands out of the house, spending more time with friends, and even spending more time in the basement can all mean you no longer want to be around your partner.

Decide how to respond

Do not wait for things to get better on their own; you need to take things into your own hands to protect your best interests. If you suspect that your marriage is facing divorce, you typically have one of two options to pursue: fight to fix things or prepare for the worst. Therapy and open communication can begin to mend a damaged relationship, whereas an experienced attorney can help you prepare for divorce.


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