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Can you avoid your past in a job interview?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Going to a job interview in Florida may bring feelings of anxiousness and anticipation. Especially if you have a criminal record shadowing your career path.

Even though you cannot always avoid questions about your past, you can present information in a manner that shows poise, responsibility and potential.

Practice your lines

Preparing for a job interview can help you feel more confident when it is your turn. Think about what an interviewer may ask about your past. They may inquire about prior convictions. Anticipating this, take a moment to summarize your experiences. According to Monster, you may consider getting a copy of your rap sheet so you know which drug convictions an interviewer may ask about.

While you should always answer questions honestly, refrain from sharing unnecessary details that may further implicate you. Your responsibility is to help interviewers see your potential. Disclosing your past in a professional manner can reduce the risks of losing the interviewer’s interest before you even have a chance.

Set the tone

Talking about your history with drugs does not have to be a negative experience. First, remember that you do not have to disclose anything about your past unless the interviewer asks about it. Second, remember that you can dictate how the conversation goes. Set the tone with a concise and honest answer. You can then tell the interviewer about how your experiences have helped shape your character. Perhaps you learned lessons that enabled you to discover or strengthen skills that you need for a job.

When you answer questions with confidence and poise, you can show the interviewers that you are both serious and passionate about getting a job. Your past with drugs does not have to dictate the success of your future.

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