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When are the police on ‘high alert’ for DUI offenders?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious criminal offense.

Not only does drunk driving put a driver at risk of arrest for DUI, but it puts many innocent drivers and pedestrians at risk of serious bodily injury or death. For this reason, law enforcement officers do patrol more heavily during specific peak times.

Weekends and holidays

The most dangerous times to be out on the roads are days when people are not going to or coming home from work. Weekends and holidays often see an increase in drunk, impaired or hungover partiers out on the roads. Statistically, officers conduct more DUI traffic stops during major holidays like July 4th and New Year’s Day.

Special events

Events where crowds gather are hotbeds for people overindulging on alcoholic beverages and then attempting to drive home. Therefore, it is common for police officers to park or patrol outside event venues such as:

  • Concerts
  • Parties
  • Fairs
  • Festivals

How can you get home safe?

To avoid a traffic stop for suspicion of DUI, have a plan for getting home safe that does not put you behind the wheel after you have had a few drinks. Have a designated driver, call an Uber or plan to walk home from the bar. If you must drive, you should stick to non-alcoholic drinks for the evening.

Getting a DUI can lead to serious penalties including jail time, fees and loss of driving privileges in addition to civil penalties should you cause injury to another person while driving drunk. Understanding law enforcement patterns and your rights during a DUI traffic stop can help you avoid negative consequences.

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