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Determining child custody during holidays

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Family Law

Regardless of the outcome of your divorce, one matter for you and your ex-spouse to iron out is child visitation. You might come up with a perfect schedule that works flawlessly every other day of the year, but it will be a source of conflict if you do not account for holidays as well.

Even when one co-parent receives primary custodianship over the child, the other parent equally deserves to spend holiday time with the kid. Likewise, your child deserves to make memories with both parents during those special times of the year.

Account for holiday schedules in your parenting plan

When drafting your parenting time plan, you might have to come to several compromises especially when it comes to holiday schedules. Start by discussing which holidays hold more personal significance for which parent. If you and your co-parent place similar importance on certain holidays, try to find a middle ground for splitting time during those particular seasons.

Prioritize your child’s needs

It is important to remember that your parenting plan should accommodate the needs of your child more so than the respective needs of the parents. After working out a holiday schedule with your co-parent, consider if it will interfere with any extracurricular events that your child cares about. You should also be mindful of how additional travel and time away from friends might affect your kid’s happiness.

Tension can fill the air in the days and months after a divorce. By keeping an open mind about the needs and wants of your family, you can move forward with a plan that works well for everyone.

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