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Questions on tax changes? Ask a spousal support law firm

Most Florida residents are aware of the recently passed Republican tax bill. Some of those changes will go into effect in the new year, while others have a delayed start. One of the biggest changes in the new tax structure is the fact that spouses who pay alimony will soon lose the ability to deduct those payments from their taxable income. That is expected to change the focus of a spousal support law firm in order to offset tax losses. 

Florida headlines in divorce case of Jesse Jackson Jr.

Certain readers may have read news coverage of the end of the marriage between Jesse Jackson, Jr., and his wife, Sandi Jackson. The couple have been in the headlines in recent years after they were accused of misappropriating campaign funds that were intended for use in Jackson's congressional run. After serving time in prison for those events, the couple is now preparing to go back to court to iron out the details of their divorce, which is making news in Florida and across the nation.

Check the details in a Punta Gorda divorce agreement

When it comes to divorce, few things are more critical than getting the financials right. The manner in which property division, child support and spousal support are handled will have lasting ramifications. That is why it is so important to make sure that every detail is properly covered in the divorce settlement. Punta Gorda spouses who are considering divorce should make every effort to double check that the settlement is in line with their expectations.