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Do embryo cases require a child custody attorney?

One state's new law is creating heated debates around the nation. The law centers on disputes between parties who created and stored embryos prior to a divorce or breakup, and are using a child custody attorney to fight the issue. In the past, courts in Florida and elsewhere have been reluctant to grant one party the right to have a child against the will of the other. This new law, however, gives preference ot the party who wishes to become a parent, which effectively forces parenthood on the other party. 

Did this man follow the advice of a child custody attorney?

Going through a divorce is never an easy matter, especially for couples who share one or more children. Some Florida spouses experience a great deal of stress during a divorce, which can cause them to make choices that are not in line with their best interests. An example is found in another part of the country, where a man most certainly did not follow the advice of a child custody attorney when deciding to forge his wife's signature on their divorce papers. 

Could Florida parents lose custody over poverty?

When children are found living in extreme poverty or are homeless, the authorities often get involved. For some Florida families, that can mean losing custody of their kids until they are able to improve their living circumstances. An example is found in a West Coast case in which two parents were jailed and three children removed from their custody after authorities discovered the family living in what amounts to a shack in the desert.

Will Bristol Palin need a child custody attorney?

Married for just two years to the father of two of her children, Bristol Palin is now facing divorce. Her husband, a former Marine and recipient of the Medal of Honor, filed for divorce just recently, citing "conflict of personalities." Because the couple went through a child custody fight prior to getting married, many in Florida believe that Palin may need an aggressive child custody attorney

The importance of following the rules in Florida courts

Parents faced with contentious child custody cases are often highly emotional. It can be easy to let those emotions take over, but it's very important to try and avoid that outcome. Emotion tends to easily overpower reason, and that's when things can quickly take a turn for the worst, especially for Florida parents who take their custody battles before a court of law. 

Divorce is not the only time a child custody battle may arise

Not every Florida parent facing contentious disputes regarding who should have custody of his or her children happens to be married. In fact, sometimes, child custody battles involve two parents who were never married to each other but have one or more children together. Rising NBA star Bryn Forbes' current situation is an example of this.

Florida parents lose custody based on religious beliefs?

In most child custody matters, parents can be certain that their religious beliefs and practices will not come into play. However, there are cases in Florida and elsewhere in which concerns over religious practice do play a role. An example is found in what may be the first child custody case in which one parent is accusing the other of indoctrinating a child into extremist Muslim beliefs.

Child custody attorney argues for same-sex parental rights

Florida readers will not be surprised to hear that another custody battle is underway involving same-sex parents. Although the Supreme Court legitimized same-sex marriage, matters of child custody and parental rights remain somewhat unsettled. A child custody attorney faces an uncertain outcome in these matters as families struggle with these difficult decisions.

A Florida child custody attorney can help you find solutions

If you are currently navigating or have recently gone through the divorce process in Florida, you are likely no stranger to challenge and stress. Depending on your individual circumstances, your experience may be somewhat benign or something akin to a living nightmare. Hopefully, it is the former, not the latter. In either case, a child custody attorney may be a great asset if the problems you are facing have to do with your new parenting plan.

Some Florida parents face unexpected child custody disputes

When a spouse is preparing to divorce, it is perfectly normal to worry about how contentious the process will become. Very few people want to move through the process with a high degree of discontent with their soon-to-be ex. In reality, however, it is impossible to control the way that another person will choose to move through the divorce process. For many Florida parents, child custody negotiations take an unexpected turn for the worse.