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If I am unmarried, does my baby's father have automatic paternity rights?

The state of Florida wants every child to have two legal parents, if at all possible. Advantages for the parents can include a say in all sorts of decisions concerning the child, time with the child and financial support. For the child, benefits can include legal matters such inheritances as well as health insurance and knowledge of his or her family medical history. In many cases, such as when the mother is married to the father when the baby is born, establishing paternity is straightforward. However, if you are an unmarried woman at the time of the birth, your baby's father does not automatically have paternity rights. Here's how these rights can be conferred.

5 Tips for fathers getting to know their children again

This scenario is all too common in Florida: During a prolonged separation and/or divorce, one parent manages to keep the children away from the other parent. Even if no outright alienation occurs, the consequences of such moves can be long-reaching.