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Fighting Drug Crime Charges In Florida

Florida takes criminal convictions involving drugs very seriously – meaning if you are convicted, you may be facing incarceration, severe fines, long-term license suspension and other significant penalties for the rest of your life.

Don’t let a drug crime conviction turn your once simple life into a complicated mess. Consult with the Wallace Law Firm as soon as you have been arrested on a drug charge in southwest Florida.

Skilled Punta Gorda Drug Defense Lawyers Backing You Up

Established in Punta Gorda, our criminal defense law firm has served as a reliable legal resource for residents of Punta Gorda, Fort Myers and the surrounding communities who have been arrested on varying charges, often involving:

  • Possession of illegal drugs or prescription drugs
  • Possession with the intent to sell
  • Delivery
  • Trafficking
  • Manufacture/cultivation

Our Punta Gorda drug crime attorneys have handled numerous criminal cases over the course of their careers involving both illegal and prescription drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, ecstasy, OxyContin, Oxycodone, Xanax, etc.

Whether you have been pulled over and charged with possession or DUI, or are facing serious felony charges for selling or manufacturing large quantities of illegal drugs, we know how to help you. We make it a point to explore every avenue of defense by questioning the legality of your stop and search, as well as if the evidence against you was legally obtained. Contact our attorneys today.

We will thoroughly review all the details surrounding your situation and craft a defense strategy personalized to your needs. Whether we are able to minimize your charges, drop your charges or work out a fair plea agreement, our firm will tirelessly work toward the best outcome in your case.

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