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Making child custody work from a distance

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is figuring out what will happen to the children. Florida parents want to provide the best possible child custody arrangement for their kids, and sometimes, this means making custody work long distance. With a thorough custody order and a commitment to protecting the best interests of children, it is possible to make this work well.

Can 2 parents who don't talk make child custody work?

When Florida parents go through a divorce, they find that some of the most difficult issues to resolve are those affecting what will happen with the children. For some families, co-parenting is a type of child custody plan that allows both parents to have a strong relationship with their kids, but it can be difficult to make this type of arrangement work when parents don't get along. Is it possible to make co-parenting work if two parents don't talk?

When is co-parenting the right child custody choice?

Children can suffer significant emotional harm when their parents make the choice to go through a divorce. Florida parents understand how important it is to make choices that allow for their kids' long-term success, which may influence the choices they make for child custody. In some cases, families find that co-parenting is a good way to provide their kids with stability and security.

Reducing child custody conflict when it's back-to-school time

The time of year when summer break is over and kids head back to school is stressful for many Florida families. It can be especially difficult for high-conflict parents who are sharing child custody. There are a few things that parents can do, even before their divorce is final, to reduce conflict and make these times of transition easier for every member of the family. 

Reducing conflict in a joint child custody arrangement

When Florida parents decide to move forward with divorce, one of their main concerns is how their choice will affect the well-being of their children. Many parents choose a joint child custody plan, which means they will share parenting time and the responsibility of making choices on behalf of the child. Even though these arrangements are beneficial for kids, it is not always easy for parents to work together.

Child custody agreements and summertime complications

The summer months are busy for Florida families. Children are out of school, and they may be busy with things like camp, swim lessons, time with friends and much more. Schedules are hectic, and this can make things complicated for parents who share child custody. When drafting custody orders, it can help to account for potential summertime complications in order to reduce problems and disputes.

Successful co-parenting starts with a strong child custody order

Divorce is a difficult and emotionally challenging process, especially for the younger members of the family. Florida parents understand how important it is to provide stability and security, even long after the process is final. One way to do this is by co-parenting, which requires parents to share responsibilities and allows the children to have regular access to both of them. 

Handling child custody with the kids' best interests in mind

Children may struggle when their parents decide to move forward with divorce. Everything about their lives will change, and Florida parents want to do as much as possible to protect their interests and mental well-being during this time. While there are likely disputes and issues to resolve, parents will find it optimal for the kids to make child custody and other related decisions with the best interests of the kids in mind. 

Child custody involves choosing the right future for the children

One of the most complex aspects of many Florida divorces is wondering what will happen to the children. Parents are rightfully concerned with how they can protect the interests of their kids while also protecting their parental rights in a manner that enables them to secure a fair and reasonable child custody order. In doing so it's helpful to understand the various custody options, what types of parenting plans are available and what the courts look at in deciding these family law issues.

How Florida parents can work together re child custody issues

When Florida parents who are married decide to end their relationship, their decisions automatically affect their children's lives. If parents happen to disagree about child custody issues, the divorce process can become quite stressful and complicated. If parents can stay focused on their children's best interests as opposed to a desire to "best" each other in court, it may be possible to use alternative dispute resolution to iron out differences and devise a successful co-parenting plan.