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Celebrity experience could ease Florida spouses' divorce woes

For a spouse going through a divorce, it can feel as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Not only do Florida spouses have an enormous list of items to address as a divorce moves forward, they also have little time to think about anything else. Factor in the many uncertainties that come with such a big life decision, and it's not surprising that divorce is among the most stressful experiences anyone can have. 

Family law: Divorces said to be on the decline

Marriage advocates may be encouraged by recent data showing a marked decline in the rate of divorces in Florida and across the country. In less than a decade, the divorce rate dropped 21 percent. Some family law analysts predict the trend will continue downward in the years to come. However, those same analysts caution that the slowing divorce rate may not mean more couples are madly in love as much as it relates to the fact that more couples are taking their time before taking the plunge.

Florida spouses have post-divorce options for health insurance

Moving through a divorce requires quite the juggling act, especially for spouses who already have demanding work, family or community obligations. It's hard to cover all the bases, and it's not uncommon to discover after a Florida divorce that a few things fell through the cracks. It's important to prevent continuing health insurance coverage from becoming one of those things. 

Is a Divorce Hotel the best way to end a Florida marriage?

For those who aren't aware of the "divorce hotel" concept, the basic idea is that a couple works together to resolve the details of their divorce over a weekend while staying in a nice hotel. They check into separate rooms, they both have access to a professional mediator, and they spend the weekend hammering out the details of their divorce. At the end of the process they walk away with an agreement and move on with their lives. If this sounds too good to be true to Florida spouses, that's because it often is. 

Is divorce contagious among Punta Gorda social circles?

When someone gets a divorce, it often creates ripples through their social circle. Many Punta Gorda residents have noticed a kind of "divorce contagion" that happens among groups of friends. As it turns out, researchers looking into the matter have found evidence to support the concept that divorce can be contagious

Ask a family law attorney about estate planning needs

Spouses who are preparing to divorce have a long list of items on their legal to-do list. Among those items should be having a frank discussion about estate planning with their Florida family law attorney. If estate planning needs are left unmet, the outcome can be drastically different than what one intended. 

Not every Florida family law case signifies a failure

Far too many people think of divorce as a failure, a mark of a union that did not work out as intended. In reality, however, divorce does not always mean a negative end. In fact, some Florida couples decide to end their marriage because they recognize that they're both ready to move on to a new phase of life. When a family law matter is viewed in this more positive light, the outcome is usually better for everyone involved. 

Florida spouses can avoid negative health impacts of divorce

For those spouses who are considering filing for divorce this year, it may be helpful to also think about how the process could impact health and wellness. According to some experts, divorce can lead to serious negative health consequences for many. Florida residents who are preparing to end a marriage can take steps to avoid a similar outcome. 

Some Florida spouses can save on taxes if they divorce this year

The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will lead to significant changes for many spouses. Specifically, individuals who divorce and make alimony payments will lose the ability to claim those expenses as tax deductions. The new roles take effect for all divorces made final after Dec. 31, 2018. That means that Florida spouses who are considering divorce should make a decision and begin the process as soon as possible in order to preserve this tax advantage.

Many Florida residents will watch the latest royal wedding

It is nearly impossible to avoid media coverage of the upcoming union between Britain's Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle. Some Florida residents will carve out time in their schedule to view the ceremony, which is expected to be broadcast around the world. The union is significant not only because Harry is marrying an American woman but also because Markle is divorced.