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The pros and cons of nesting for Florida parents

Virtually all parents who decide to divorce worry about how the process might affect their children. One way to minimize stress for kids is to maintain as much stability as possible as a Florida divorce moves forward. Nesting is one option, and works by keeping the kids in the family home while the parents rotate in and out on a schedule. 

Communication tips for Punta Gorda parents after a divorce

A new school year is challenging for many families, but for those who've recently gone through a divorce, things can quickly grow even more complicated. Figuring out how to navigate a child's school schedule can be hard, especially when nerves are still raw and Punta Gorda parents are trying to settle into a new child custody arrangement. Good communication is essential and can help stave off resentments and contention. 

Some Florida parents want child custody records sealed

There are some custody cases that contain salacious or disturbing details. For Florida parents involved in those cases, having all of the records in the case sealed can be an important consideration. That is the current focus of Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley. She's currently asking a court to seal the records related to her ongoing child custody fight with her estranged husband. 

Florida readers aware of change in approach to frozen embryos

In most cases in which one party wishes to use frozen embryos to have a child and the other does not, the opposing party is favored in court. That could change, however, based on a law recently passed in another state. The new law gives parties who want to use frozen embryos to have a child the right to do so, even if the other party strongly opposes that outcome. That has many Florida readers concerned. 

Actress continuing child custody battle over frozen embryos

Many Florida readers are familiar with the work of Sofia Vergara, one of the stars of "Modern Family." The actress has been fighting a child custody battle for some time now as she and her former partner argue over what to do with two frozen embryos created during their relationship. Vergara's ex, Nick Loeb, wants to use the embryos to have children, a move Vergara strongly opposes. 

Florida residents could risk litigation over frozen embryos

Many people choose to create and freeze embryos in the hopes of someday having a child of their own. In some cases in Florida and elsewhere, however, this choice ends in a bitter legal battle with the party who contributed the other half of the genetic material needed to produce the embryos. Such is the case for "Modern Family" actress Sophia Vergara, who remains embroiled in a bitter child custody case with former partner Nick Loeb over their two frozen embryos.

Do embryo cases require a child custody attorney?

One state's new law is creating heated debates around the nation. The law centers on disputes between parties who created and stored embryos prior to a divorce or breakup, and are using a child custody attorney to fight the issue. In the past, courts in Florida and elsewhere have been reluctant to grant one party the right to have a child against the will of the other. This new law, however, gives preference ot the party who wishes to become a parent, which effectively forces parenthood on the other party. 

Did this man follow the advice of a child custody attorney?

Going through a divorce is never an easy matter, especially for couples who share one or more children. Some Florida spouses experience a great deal of stress during a divorce, which can cause them to make choices that are not in line with their best interests. An example is found in another part of the country, where a man most certainly did not follow the advice of a child custody attorney when deciding to forge his wife's signature on their divorce papers. 

Could Florida parents lose custody over poverty?

When children are found living in extreme poverty or are homeless, the authorities often get involved. For some Florida families, that can mean losing custody of their kids until they are able to improve their living circumstances. An example is found in a West Coast case in which two parents were jailed and three children removed from their custody after authorities discovered the family living in what amounts to a shack in the desert.

Will Bristol Palin need a child custody attorney?

Married for just two years to the father of two of her children, Bristol Palin is now facing divorce. Her husband, a former Marine and recipient of the Medal of Honor, filed for divorce just recently, citing "conflict of personalities." Because the couple went through a child custody fight prior to getting married, many in Florida believe that Palin may need an aggressive child custody attorney