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Could Punta Gorda parents lose custody over intelligence?

Most parents have no fear of losing their kids to state authorities, due to the fact that they provide a safe and loving home. Unfortunately, that is not always enough, and there are cases in Punta Gorda and elsewhere that place parents at odds with the state for reasons outside of abuse or neglect. An example is found in the case of a couple who lost custody of their kids due to concerns over their intellectual capabilities.

A child custody attorney can assist grandparents who seek custody

For some Florida families, a child custody fight does not feature the usual parties of a mother and father. There are cases in which grandparents seek custody of their grandchildren. These are often highly emotional cases, and can be difficult for everyone involved. Parents have a constitutional right to care for their children, and mounting a case to have those rights limited or terminated is a challenge. Grandparents who want to be successful in court will need the services of a good child custody attorney.

Florida readers to follow Huma Abedin child custody case

Many readers are familiar with the humiliation that has faced top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Long considered one of Clinton's closest advisers and a personal friend, Abedin has largely chosen to remain outside of the spotlight during her political career. She has been thwarted in those efforts, however, by her husband's ongoing poor choices in regard to sexual behavior. Many in Florida are aware that Anthony Weiner, once a congressman, is now facing federal prison time for his involvement in sending sexual text messages to a teenage girl.

Child custody attorney could assist in same-sex parent cases

For many same-sex couples in Florida and across the nation, the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage has led to a great many improvements in their lives. The ability to marry is a right that has been a long time coming, and families across the nation have taken advantage of that right to begin building their families. Even so, same-sex couples still face challenges when it comes to parental rights, and some are fighting back by taking their cases through the court system with the help of a child custody attorney.

Shared parenting can work for many Florida families

When contemplating divorce, many parents cannot bear the thought of losing access to their children. The end of a marriage does necessitate a change in parenting schedules, but those changes do not have to be negative. There is a wide body of research that supports the notion that shared child custody is a great structure for families, and Florida spouses are encouraged to give this approach careful consideration.

Court-ordered "reunification" and Florida families

Many parents have heard the term "parental alienation" but are unsure how that concept is applied during a child custody case. The idea of parental alienation is relatively new, and courts in Florida and across the nation are struggling to determine how to approach cases in which one parent accuses the other of alienating a child against the other parent. Unfortunately, a questionable industry has arisen to address these matters, and the outcome can truly be devastating to families.

Tips for Punta Gorda parents accused of parental alienation

Fighting a contentious child custody battle is never a simple or easy process. For many Florida parents, the relationship with one's former partner has deteriorated to the point where any type of collaboration or compromise is simply not possible. In some cases, one parent acts to turn the child or children against the other parent, a process that is known as parental alienation. An example is found in the recent case between Alex Jones and his former wife. Punta Gorda parents can learn a great deal from how that case is playing out.

Safe custody exchange locations for Punta Gorda parents

Once a child custody determination has been made, many parents are able to settle into a pattern of civil, if not friendly, custody exchanges. For some, however, high levels of tension and a history of domestic abuse makes custody exchanges a nightmare. The following information is offered in the hopes of easing this process for Punta Gorda parents.

Child custody attorney to argue father is performance artist

During the course of a child custody case, Florida parents sometimes go to great lengths to secure more time with their children. In some cases, these disputes become very nasty, with both sides making harsh allegations against each other. When the couple involved includes one or more high profile parties, those allegations often become public knowledge. Such is the case for Alex Jones, the man behind the controversial internet news show "Infowars." A child custody attorney for Jones will soon make the case that his client is simply performing in his role on the show.

Could sexual orientation be an issue in Florida custody cases?

Parents who are preparing for a child custody battle must take the time to view their position from all angles. That means taking a critical view of anything and everything that could conceivably be presented as evidence of poor parenting if the matter ends up in a court of law. For Florida parents, those issues often fall along the lines of how much time they have to dedicate to raising their kids, their past experiences as a parent and any issues that could show them in a negative light, such as criminal convictions or drug and alcohol abuse. As a ruling in another state illustrates, there are cases in which even a parent's sexual orientation can be portrayed as a detrimental influence on the life of a child.