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American Indian child custody issues in Florida

Child custody cases are often the most difficult legal battles that anyone will ever face. Custody matters are complicated enough when the fight is between two parents who are unable to agree on how to divide parenting time and duties. However, there are certain child custody cases, in Florida and elsewhere, in which the complexity of the case is intensified. An example is found in a recent custody battle following the tragic death of both parents.

Seeking emergency custody in Florida family law court

Most child custody cases are relatively long and drawn out processes. Both sides are aware that there is a difference of opinion as to how to divide parenting time and responsibilities, and the process of negotiating custody follows a fairly predictable process. In some cases, however, custody issues arise on a sudden and unexpected basis, leaving Florida families in a position of having to launch a swift legal response. An example is found in the case of the daughter of the man who authorities believe is responsible for recent explosions that may have a link to terror groups.

Is stepparent adoption right for your family?

The term "nuclear" doesn't fit most families today. Many kids grow up with stepparents, step siblings, half siblings, two moms, two dads or with grandparents as their guardians. When you enter into a blended family as a stepparent, you might love a child as your own, but you don't get the same parental rights as a biological parent.

Many Punta Gorda parents frustrated with Pokemon Go obsession

Parents across the country are increasingly concerned about the amount of time their kids spend in front of various screens. Technology has led to amazing changes in modern life, but not all of those shifts have been positive. A prime example lies in the recent obsession with the video game Pokémon Go. Many Punta Gorda parents feel that their children have developed an unhealthy obsession with the game, and are taking steps to limit the amount of time spent staring at a cell phone in an effort to capture imaginary creatures.

Child custody attorney wins controversial case

A mother has prevailed in a child custody case in which the father of her two daughters challenged her living arrangement due to the fact that a convicted sex offender was sharing a home with the children. The case has led to widespread outrage in Florida and across the nation. Even so, from the perspective of the mother and her child custody attorney, the case is a precedent-setting win.

Can a Florida parent lose child custody rights based on poverty?

Many parents will encounter some form of financial turmoil at one point or another during the course of their lives. Few, however, believe that financial difficulties will result in the loss of their parental rights. That said, a recent high-profile case exemplifies the risks that parents in Florida and elsewhere take when approaching a child custody challenge without legal counsel.

How Florida parents should not approach child custody disputes

A recent news story serves as an example to parents across the nation of how not to approach child custody disputes. The case began as a difference of opinion between a 7-year-old girl's parents as to with whom she should reside, and ended with the felony arrest of the child's father. Child custody matters are highly emotional, and while most Florida parents would never go to the same lengths as this man, many will make less dramatic mistakes when fighting for the right to parent and care for their children.

Summer child custody tips for Punta Gorda parents

Sharing parenting time is difficult, especially for parents who have been very involved in the lives of their kids prior to a divorce. Summertime can offer a particular set of challenges, as there are various scheduling issues that must be accommodated, and usually longer visits involved. For many Punta Gorda parents, summer visitation is the cause of a great deal of tension. The following tips are offered in the hopes of making this summer one to remember, for all the right reasons.

Child custody and tax tips for Florida parents

Once parents in Florida have gone through a divorce and have determined issues of child custody, they often believe that the party who retains the bulk of parenting time will also receive all of the tax advantages that come with parenthood. This, however, is not necessarily true. It is possible for non-custodial parents in Florida to also share in the tax benefits associated with having a child.

In some Florida cases, custody decisions could be revisited

An unusual series of events has left many West Coast parents wondering if their custody cases were handled in the proper manner. A family court mediator has been charged with falsifying records in a child custody case, and attorneys in the area have been notified that any cases that they have worked on that were associated with the mediator could be subject to new hearings. That has left many people in Florida and across the nation debating just how easily a legal matter can become unduly influenced.