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Why are older Florida spouses seriously considering divorce?

Divorce rates in general seem to be leveling off or even declining, but within one demographic, divorce is on the rise. Older Americans are making moves to end their marriages at more than twice the rate of 25 years ago. For many in Florida, there are a number of reasons behind this trend. 

Judge rules in property division of vast art collection

Even an amicable divorce in Florida may quickly become contentious when asset division begins in earnest. One partner may have a sentimental attachment to some items, or both parties may each simply feel they have a right to ownership of certain assets. One couple is currently in a property division battle over an art collection believed to be worth more than $700 million.

Property division lawyer can help uncover hidden assets

Florida governs its property division proceedings regarding divorces under equitable distribution laws. This means that when the court divides marital assets, the split is not necessarily going to be 50/50 but is intended to be fair. One can't really expect a fair outcome if a spouse is hiding assets in order to gain the upper hand in the property division process; however, a property division lawyer can help nip a hidden asset problem in the bud.

Do Florida divorce rates rise and fall based on finances?

Divorce rates rely on a great many things, including social and cultural shifts. Financial shifting can also play a role in the number of divorce cases in Florida and elsewhere. It seems that when couples face fewer money struggles they have less motivation to remain in marriages that are no longer working. 

Student loan debt can complicate property division

For Florida couples who are in the middle of negotiating a divorce, student loan debt can play a role. Many people assume that the individual who took out student loans will automatically be obligated to pay the remaining debt. In reality, however, that isn't always the case. Understanding how student loans are handled during divorce can ease the property division process. 

Florida parents should consider college when negotiating divorce

This is the time of year when many families are turning their attention to college plans. For many Florida families, sending a child to college is an exciting experience, yet can also be very stressful. Figuring out how to pay for a college education can be a challenge, especially for parents who are planning for or are going through a divorce.

Tips for older Punta Gorda spouses facing divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy, but is can be especially difficult for older spouses. Making matters worse, some spouses are also preparing to take control of their own finances for the first time in decades. Far too many Punta Gorda residents allow their partner to handle all of the family's finances, which can leave them ill-prepared to assume those duties after a divorce. 

Trying to divorce, some in Florida find they were never married

In today's world, few people remain in the state of their birth. In fact, relocating for work, school or personal pursuits is incredibly common. For those in Florida who are married, it is important to understand that the validity of that marriage depends on whether state guidelines for marriage were followed. If not, a marriage can be declared void by a court of law, leaving the parties with none of the protections afforded couples who divorce. 

No need to go it alone to resolve property division problems

Getting divorced is an intensely personal choice that might prompt either angst or support on the part of your extended family members and friends. The ultimate decision is no one's business but yours, although it surely helps to have a strong support network in place as you move forward to a new lifestyle. A major bone of contention in many Florida divorces surrounds property division proceedings.

Many Florida residents get a divorce in their 20s

Going through a divorce is never easy, no matter what one's age. For younger people in Florida, however, the social sting of divorce can be difficult to bear. There are, however, some silver linings that come with a swift divorce well before middle age.