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Business owners can benefit from a property division lawyer

Building a business requires a great deal of effort, and many Florida residents spend years working to get their venture off the ground. When a divorce is on the horizon, dividing the value of that business can take center stage. The best way to move forward is to find a property division lawyer to guide the process. 

A property division lawyer can assist in uncovering hidden assets

In most Florida divorces, spouses are open and honest about the full scope of marital wealth. They share information about income, assets and debt, which is then used to structure an equitable and comprehensive property division settlement. In some cases, however, a Florida spouse may be faced with a set of unique challenges when it comes to hidden assets. In those instances, a property division lawyer and a financial advisor can work together to help a client achieve a fair division of wealth.

Obtaining business valuation during a Florida divorce

Owning and operating a business is a lifelong goal for many people. It takes a great deal of time, effort and investment to get a business up and running. For many Florida spouses, protecting their business from loss during divorce is a top priority, although reaching that goal can seem like an insurmountable task. Part of that process involves obtaining a business valuation, which provides the information necessary to begin discussing this important property division topic.

Could these financial lies be part of your Florida divorce?

Most spouses like to think that they know their partner as well as they know themselves. They believe that, over the years, every personality trait, both good and bad, has been revealed, and that every step their spouse makes will fall among a predictable path. Imagine the shock and surprise that comes when a Florida spouse discovers that his or her partner has been telling financial lies for many years. Divorce tends to draw back the curtain on these issues, and it is not uncommon for spouses to be blindsided by what is revealed.

How to address a Florida home during a divorce

When homeowners decide to go their separate ways, they must first decide what to do with their home. This is an area of contention for many couples, as there are several different ways to handle the disposition of a piece of Florida real estate. The following tips can help couples consider their options, and make a decision that is in line with their best interests.

The reason why some happy Florida couples seek a divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, it is usually because two people are unable to work through their differences, or when the actions of one have rendered the marriage irretrievably broken. There are cases, however, when a Florida couple will seek to divorce even when both spouses are happy with their relationship. Those cases may be few in number, but the issues facing the couples involved deserve the attention of many.

Could no-fault divorce be eliminated in Florida?

When a marriage encounters trouble, most spouses will bend over backwards to do whatever it takes to get things back on track. In some cases, those efforts will pay off. For other couples, however, things will deteriorate, and the marriage will eventually end in divorce. Having access to no-fault divorce is a privilege that many Florida residents do not recognize until they have reason to make use of it. One state is considering the elimination of this path to divorce.

A property division lawyer can advise on home sales

For couples who been fortunate enough to purchase their own home, understanding how to best divide the value of that asset in a divorce can be a difficult task. Even when both parties agree on selling the home and dividing the proceeds, that process is not always as simple as it sounds. In areas in Florida where the real estate market is down, a property division lawyer can help guide clients toward the most advantageous choices.

Florida spouses won't believe this divorce demand

When a couple decides to end their marriage, one of the primary areas of focus is how to divide marital wealth. Some couples have a more complicated mix of assets than others, but every now and then a divorce case will contain details that are shocking to many people, in Florida and across the nation. An example is found in a recent case involving a man's multi-million dollar legal settlement, and his wife's bid for a portion of that money.

Divorce tips for Florida spouses nearing retirement

Ending a marriage is never a simple or easy matter, and for those who are at or nearing retirement age, the changes that accompany divorce can be even more challenging. It is important for older spouses to have a plan of action for both their divorce itself and the years that will follow. The following tips are offered in the hopes of assisting Florida residents in creating their plan.