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Florida spouses won't believe this divorce demand

When a couple decides to end their marriage, one of the primary areas of focus is how to divide marital wealth. Some couples have a more complicated mix of assets than others, but every now and then a divorce case will contain details that are shocking to many people, in Florida and across the nation. An example is found in a recent case involving a man's multi-million dollar legal settlement, and his wife's bid for a portion of that money.

Divorce tips for Florida spouses nearing retirement

Ending a marriage is never a simple or easy matter, and for those who are at or nearing retirement age, the changes that accompany divorce can be even more challenging. It is important for older spouses to have a plan of action for both their divorce itself and the years that will follow. The following tips are offered in the hopes of assisting Florida residents in creating their plan.

Could Punta Gorda homeowners benefit from divorce mortgage?

A new lending product may be on the horizon, one that could be helpful to divorcing homeowners. Known as the "divorce mortgage," this is a financial tool that could give older homeowners additional options as they move through the property division process. While these loans are not yet available to Punta Gorda homeowners, a great deal of buzz on the topic merits and examination of these unusual loans.

The value of a Florida Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Working through the details of a divorce can be difficult. For many, the financial aspects of the process are daunting, and it can be hard to know which decisions will best support one's future financial goals. That is why hiring the services of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) on one's divorce team is a wise choice for many Florida spouses.

Maximizing time with your property division lawyer

Going through a divorce can be a hectic time, full of tasks that need to be accomplished and important decisions that must be made. Having access to a good property division lawyer is a crucial part of walking away with a favorable settlement agreement. However, most Florida spouses want to retain as much of their wealth as possible and are looking for ways to minimize their legal expenses during divorce. The following tips are offered to assist spouses in making the most of their partnership with their attorney.

Talking to kids about money after a Punta Gorda divorce

Divorce will change the landscape of a Florida family, especially when it comes to finances. Once a couple has ended their marriage, the money that used to go into supporting the combined household will now need to be spread across two individual households. In many cases, this means a drastic change in circumstances for families who are experiencing a Punta Gorda divorce. It is important for parents to have a game plan for discussing money matters with their kids.

A property division lawyer can guide splitting retirement assets

During a Florida divorce, many couples turn their focus toward dividing marital wealth. Retirement savings comprise a significant portion of many couple's assets. Each spouse is entitled to a share of those savings, but determining how to divide retirement accounts is more complicated than making a simple 50 percent calculation. Under the guidance of a property division lawyer, a fair and equitable agreement can be reached.

How can Florida residents afford a divorce?

The end of a marriage brings about a multitude of changes in the lives of all involved. This is nowhere more apparent than in matters of money. The financial landscape of both spouses will change following a Florida divorce. For many in the state, even coming up with the money to process the end of the marriage can be a challenge.

A property division lawyer is a significant asset during divorce

When a couple seeks to end their union, the process of dividing marital wealth often becomes a central focus. That process begins with both spouses disclosing the full range of wealth, regardless of whether the assets are considered separate or marital property. Without the proper level of disclosure, it is virtually impossible to reach a fair settlement. Unfortunately, there are many spouses in Florida and elsewhere who will go to great lengths to shield assets from loss during divorce. In such cases, having a good property division lawyer working on one's behalf is an asset in and of itself.