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December 2015 Archives

Child custody, divorce affect holidays for families in Florida

The holiday season has quickly come once again, posing a unique challenge for many families. However, the parents and children of divorced families face a great deal of tension during this time, especially if the divorce is recent. Those in Florida that have recently gotten a divorce or those considering divorcing in the near future can obtain assistance from family law professionals. 

Florida Legislature once again takes up alimony reform

For many years, one of the hot topics of debate in the halls of Florida's Capitol building has been whether the state's alimony law is in need of major changes. In fact, the state legislature was actually able to pass a comprehensive alimony reform bill just two years ago only to see it vetoed by Governor Rick Scott over concerns about retroactive provisions.  

Understanding more about simplified dissolution of marriage

Most of us would list divorce as one of the more challenging life events a person can endure. This makes perfect sense given that the vast majority of divorcing spouses not only have to deal with potentially demanding and otherwise enervating legal procedures, but also cope with the wide range of emotions that can accompany the end of a marriage and the division of the family unit.