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October 2017 Archives

Which Florida jobs have the highest rate of divorce?

A great deal of social science is focused on matters of the heart. Issues of courtship, marriage and divorce are often the subject of social research. A recently released study looks at which occupations have higher than average divorce rates. The answers may come as a surprise to some Florida spouses, while others will firmly agree with the researcher's findings.

Postnuptial marital agreements have varied purposes

When couples in Florida get married, they combine not only their lives but also their assets. While marital agreements can protect each spouse in the event of a divorce, not all couples feel comfortable discussing a prenuptial agreement before the wedding. Some feel it is unnecessary because they both enter the union with little or no assets. However, those circumstances can change, and this is where a postnuptial agreement can show its value.

Reasons to ask a family law attorney about collaborative divorce

When many people think about collaborative divorce, they envision a process that bears no resemblance to a traditionally litigated divorce. In reality, however, Florida families who pursue a collaborative divorce still have all of the protections and advocacy afforded to traditional divorce clients. The only difference is that a family law attorney who focuses on collaborative divorce begins from a position of collaboration, rather than adversity.

A property division lawyer can assist in uncovering hidden assets

In most Florida divorces, spouses are open and honest about the full scope of marital wealth. They share information about income, assets and debt, which is then used to structure an equitable and comprehensive property division settlement. In some cases, however, a Florida spouse may be faced with a set of unique challenges when it comes to hidden assets. In those instances, a property division lawyer and a financial advisor can work together to help a client achieve a fair division of wealth.