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March 2019 Archives

Child custody involves choosing the right future for the children

One of the most complex aspects of many Florida divorces is wondering what will happen to the children. Parents are rightfully concerned with how they can protect the interests of their kids while also protecting their parental rights in a manner that enables them to secure a fair and reasonable child custody order. In doing so it's helpful to understand the various custody options, what types of parenting plans are available and what the courts look at in deciding these family law issues.

How will the property division process affect a small business?

For a Florida business owner, the end of a marriage can be a frightening prospect. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding what will happen to a small business. It can help to understand how equitable distribution of assets works, as well as options for negotiating a property division settlement and the various possibilities regarding business assets. 

Make sure property division is fair in a Florida divorce

The process of dividing marital property is one of the most complex and emotionally charged aspects of a divorce. Property division can be especially difficult in a Florida divorce when one spouse attempts to deceive the other by hiding assets. This can lead to settlements and final orders that are unfair and unsustainable for one party.

Steps to reducing complications in the property division process

When a Florida couple is facing the prospect of divorce, they may believe they are in for a contentious, complex process of fighting over and dividing their marital property. In reality, there may be ways to reduce the complications involved in the property division process. One way to do this is by making the effort to prepare for divorce.