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November 2016 Archives

Florida spouses must time their divorce carefully

Virtually everyone understands the importance of making solid financial decisions during the course of a divorce. However, one aspect of divorce that is often overlooked by Florida spouses is the need for proper timing. The timeframe for filing and finalizing a divorce can be critical in certain circumstances, especially when it comes to Social Security benefits.

A marital agreements lawyer can answer questions on debt

Many Florida residents have questions about how student loan debt is treated during a divorce. The answer is not as simple as many people believe, which is why it makes sense to consult with a marital agreements lawyer prior to tying the knot. No one wants to be saddled with someone else's student loans in the event of a divorce.

Considerations of custody and religion for Florida parents

The vast majority of child custody cases involve two parents who are unable to come to terms over the care and custody of their shared children. Often, both parents simply want to spend as much time as possible with their kids, and many are able to work out custody agreements before the matters go to court. In some cases, however, Florida parents are simply unable to resolve the matters on their own and must turn to judges for help.

American Indian child custody issues in Florida

Child custody cases are often the most difficult legal battles that anyone will ever face. Custody matters are complicated enough when the fight is between two parents who are unable to agree on how to divide parenting time and duties. However, there are certain child custody cases, in Florida and elsewhere, in which the complexity of the case is intensified. An example is found in a recent custody battle following the tragic death of both parents.

4 strategies for surviving divorce

Divorce is rarely a fun time in anyone's life, although it may bring feelings of relief and release to some people. To others, it may lead to feelings of guilt and depression. Regardless of the reason you are divorcing, there are things you can do to survive the process intact and help get yourself to a good place.