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December 2017 Archives

Questions on tax changes? Ask a spousal support law firm

Most Florida residents are aware of the recently passed Republican tax bill. Some of those changes will go into effect in the new year, while others have a delayed start. One of the biggest changes in the new tax structure is the fact that spouses who pay alimony will soon lose the ability to deduct those payments from their taxable income. That is expected to change the focus of a spousal support law firm in order to offset tax losses. 

Divorce is not the only time a child custody battle may arise

Not every Florida parent facing contentious disputes regarding who should have custody of his or her children happens to be married. In fact, sometimes, child custody battles involve two parents who were never married to each other but have one or more children together. Rising NBA star Bryn Forbes' current situation is an example of this.

A family law attorney can help when divorcing a narcissist

Many spouses are difficult, especially during the course of a divorce. There are some instances, however, when a Florida spouse is a clinical narcissist. Divorcing a narcissistic spouse is an even more harrowing experience, and one that can be improved by working with a skilled family law attorney

Florida parents lose custody based on religious beliefs?

In most child custody matters, parents can be certain that their religious beliefs and practices will not come into play. However, there are cases in Florida and elsewhere in which concerns over religious practice do play a role. An example is found in what may be the first child custody case in which one parent is accusing the other of indoctrinating a child into extremist Muslim beliefs.

Child custody attorney argues for same-sex parental rights

Florida readers will not be surprised to hear that another custody battle is underway involving same-sex parents. Although the Supreme Court legitimized same-sex marriage, matters of child custody and parental rights remain somewhat unsettled. A child custody attorney faces an uncertain outcome in these matters as families struggle with these difficult decisions.