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November 2018 Archives

Time is running out to lock in Florida alimony tax deductions

Time is running out for couples planning to divorce before new alimony tax rules kick in at the start of 2019. For those in Florida who want to retain the ability to claim alimony payments as tax deductible, there are only a few weeks left to hammer out any remaining divorce issues and get the matter finalized. In many cases, wrapping things up before that date is best for both parties. 

Is a parallel parenting plan right for you?

Very few divorces are amicable, and many are downright hostile. In these cases, it is extremely unlikely to get through the divorce proceedings in a timely and cooperative manner. Contentious parts of the process, such as parenting plans (covering custody arrangements and decision making), only fuel the fire.

Tips for Florida parents sharing custody over the holidays

The holiday season has begun, and for newly divorced parents, this might be the first true test of collaborative co-parenting. While the formal child custody agreement will likely address which parent has the right to which holidays, most Florida parents are able to work out a solution that meets their current needs. Doing so requires a high level of maturity and a focus on doing what's best for the children. 

The pros and cons of nesting for Florida parents

Virtually all parents who decide to divorce worry about how the process might affect their children. One way to minimize stress for kids is to maintain as much stability as possible as a Florida divorce moves forward. Nesting is one option, and works by keeping the kids in the family home while the parents rotate in and out on a schedule. 

A prenuptial agreement can cover more than just money

More Florida couples are signing prenuptial agreements with the hope that they will not need to rely on them, but those who have one in place are relieved at how well a prenuptial agreement can work to reduce stress and contention in a divorce. Prenups can be surprisingly flexible, too. Beyond excluding a spouse's individual assets or inheritance from property division, prenuptial agreements can be useful in many situations, even if a couple does not have complex wealth to protect.

Property division lawyer can help uncover hidden assets

Florida governs its property division proceedings regarding divorces under equitable distribution laws. This means that when the court divides marital assets, the split is not necessarily going to be 50/50 but is intended to be fair. One can't really expect a fair outcome if a spouse is hiding assets in order to gain the upper hand in the property division process; however, a property division lawyer can help nip a hidden asset problem in the bud.