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January 2018 Archives

Legislative change could help cover costs of family law attorney

A woman living in another state recently enjoyed a bit of a victory after her case prompted legislative action. The woman is a victim of domestic violence, and when she tried to divorce the man who harmed her, she learned that state law required her to pay for his family law attorney. While that outcome may be unthinkable to many Florida residents, the matter illustrates the loopholes that often exist in the law. 

A Florida prenup can center on length of marriage

For many people, the primary concern over prenuptial agreements is the risk of signing away one's rights before the marriage even begins. It's important to understand that Florida couples can create a prenup that meets their specific set of needs. Gone are the days when prenuptial agreements were drafted solely to protect the interests of one party. Couples can now customize their marital contract to suit their specific circumstances.

Florida residents won't learn more about Abedin/Weiner divorce

High profile political couple Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner have made headlines for many years. The couple was recently in the news over their decision to withdraw their divorce petition. While many Florida readers may be shocked at that news, the withdrawal is not an indication that the couple plans to reunite. The move is simply an attempt to secure a measure of privacy for their young son.

The importance of following the rules in Florida courts

Parents faced with contentious child custody cases are often highly emotional. It can be easy to let those emotions take over, but it's very important to try and avoid that outcome. Emotion tends to easily overpower reason, and that's when things can quickly take a turn for the worst, especially for Florida parents who take their custody battles before a court of law. 

3 important considerations when getting a late-in-life divorce

Divorcing is difficult at any age, but there are unique concerns when you separate in your senior years. Ending your marriage later in life, often referred to as a gray divorce, has specific implications on your emotions, finances and property.