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April 2017 Archives

Child custody attorney to argue father is performance artist

During the course of a child custody case, Florida parents sometimes go to great lengths to secure more time with their children. In some cases, these disputes become very nasty, with both sides making harsh allegations against each other. When the couple involved includes one or more high profile parties, those allegations often become public knowledge. Such is the case for Alex Jones, the man behind the controversial internet news show "Infowars." A child custody attorney for Jones will soon make the case that his client is simply performing in his role on the show.

Could sexual orientation be an issue in Florida custody cases?

Parents who are preparing for a child custody battle must take the time to view their position from all angles. That means taking a critical view of anything and everything that could conceivably be presented as evidence of poor parenting if the matter ends up in a court of law. For Florida parents, those issues often fall along the lines of how much time they have to dedicate to raising their kids, their past experiences as a parent and any issues that could show them in a negative light, such as criminal convictions or drug and alcohol abuse. As a ruling in another state illustrates, there are cases in which even a parent's sexual orientation can be portrayed as a detrimental influence on the life of a child.

A marital agreements lawyer can help protect inheritance

When it comes to protecting an inheritance from loss during property division, it is important to take a proactive approach. That means securing the services of a Florida marital agreements lawyer as soon as possible. By crafting a thorough prenuptial agreement that specifically addresses an inheritance, it is possible to ensure that the assets that are handed down from one generation to another are used in the manner that was intended, and not lost during an unexpected divorce.

Family law attorney explains child support increase

The ongoing divorce between Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife Sandi Jackson has been making headlines for several months now. The couple remains at odds over the jurisdiction in which their case will be heard. However, in a recent and unexpected shift, Jesse Jackson Jr. has voluntarily increased his child support payments. A family law attorney working with Jackson gave an explanation for that decision, and the case has prompted debate in Florida and elsewhere.

Does your child feel at home?

If your child lives with you less than full time, there may be a greater risk of the child not feeling like it is his or her home. If you are a father and have joint custody or visitation, here are some ideas to make your child feel at home.