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February 2018 Archives

3 tips for new stepparents

Becoming a stepparent is not an easy task. It can be difficult to blend your family together. If you are planning to adopt your stepchildren, you must navigate the journey with a lot of patience and unconditional love.

Will Bristol Palin need a child custody attorney?

Married for just two years to the father of two of her children, Bristol Palin is now facing divorce. Her husband, a former Marine and recipient of the Medal of Honor, filed for divorce just recently, citing "conflict of personalities." Because the couple went through a child custody fight prior to getting married, many in Florida believe that Palin may need an aggressive child custody attorney

Starting the tricky conversation about prenuptial agreements

It has never been an easy conversation to start. Nevertheless, more young people in Florida are considering asking their partners for prenuptial agreements after becoming engaged. In fact, more than half of the family law attorneys questioned in a recent survey said they are handling more requests for premarital contracts than just three years earlier. For many, however, bringing up the topic without being misunderstood is a challenge.

No need to go it alone to resolve property division problems

Getting divorced is an intensely personal choice that might prompt either angst or support on the part of your extended family members and friends. The ultimate decision is no one's business but yours, although it surely helps to have a strong support network in place as you move forward to a new lifestyle. A major bone of contention in many Florida divorces surrounds property division proceedings.

What is the cause of the rise in gray divorce?

Although many people associate divorce with young couples or the rich and famous, the truth is that divorce affects those of all ages and lifestyles. One demographic that has been experiencing a significant rise in divorce is seniors. What was once taboo for their time has become acceptable among those over 50 years old.

Many Florida residents get a divorce in their 20s

Going through a divorce is never easy, no matter what one's age. For younger people in Florida, however, the social sting of divorce can be difficult to bear. There are, however, some silver linings that come with a swift divorce well before middle age.