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October 2015 Archives

Chimeras Present Odd Twist For Paternity Tests

Imagine that one of your parents was someone who never existed. Sound like science fiction? It's not. Because of a rare genetic blending effect known as a "chimera," it is possible for genetic material from a twin lost in utero to be absorbed into the surviving twin. If those cells become sperm or eggs, then it's possible that those sperm or eggs could go on to create a child whose parent is a twin that was never born. In other words, it's possible that a person's son or daughter could actually be his or her niece or nephew, as was the case for this Washington couple

What do Florida judges look at when making custody decisions?

It would be nice if divorcing couples were always able to come to terms with one another and cooperate in making mutually acceptable decisions in order to move the divorce process along. As we all know, though, this is not the reality of things.

Preparing to keep your future marriage strong

If you have recently become engaged, you are likely preoccupied with planning your wedding. Wedding planning is important, as your wedding symbolizes the joining of your life with your partner’s life. However, it is also important to plan for your future marriage. Sometimes it is easy to get so distracted by wedding planning that you neglect to plan for the future health and strength of your marriage overall.

Weathering life's storms

Thank you for your time and for you interest in our Punta Gorda family law blog. In this space we will be exploring a wide variety of topics, such as divorce and fathers' rights issues that can include child support and paternity challenges. We'll also dive into other important family law issues such as child custody and property division, of course.