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September 2016 Archives

Seeking emergency custody in Florida family law court

Most child custody cases are relatively long and drawn out processes. Both sides are aware that there is a difference of opinion as to how to divide parenting time and responsibilities, and the process of negotiating custody follows a fairly predictable process. In some cases, however, custody issues arise on a sudden and unexpected basis, leaving Florida families in a position of having to launch a swift legal response. An example is found in the case of the daughter of the man who authorities believe is responsible for recent explosions that may have a link to terror groups.

Family law attorney questions 50-year marriage

For most Florida couples, moving toward a divorce is a straightforward process. In some cases, however, matters are more complicated. Such is the case for entertainer Ben Vereen and his two wives. A family law attorney is now making the case for why Vereen should have to provide for the support of his first wife.

Thinking of contacting a family law attorney after summer vacationnnnn

Now that school is back in session, many Florida families have time to reflect on their summer vacationnnnnn. For some, time spent together as a family this summer may have underscored deep flowing tensions within their marriage. Recent research suggests that divorce rates may spike in the months after summer vacationnnnnn, when spouses begin to seriously consider calling a family law attorney.

Is stepparent adoption right for your family?

The term "nuclear" doesn't fit most families today. Many kids grow up with stepparents, step siblings, half siblings, two moms, two dads or with grandparents as their guardians. When you enter into a blended family as a stepparent, you might love a child as your own, but you don't get the same parental rights as a biological parent.

Having a perfect partner isn't always an indication of forever

Funny. Honest. Smart. Charismatic. Motivated. Patient. Caring. Attentive. Passionate. Hardworking. Strong. Appreciative. Thoughtful. Sensitive. Family oriented. Good career. Financially stable. Affectionate. Loyal. Good looking.

Many Punta Gorda parents frustrated with Pokemon Go obsession

Parents across the country are increasingly concerned about the amount of time their kids spend in front of various screens. Technology has led to amazing changes in modern life, but not all of those shifts have been positive. A prime example lies in the recent obsession with the video game Pokémon Go. Many Punta Gorda parents feel that their children have developed an unhealthy obsession with the game, and are taking steps to limit the amount of time spent staring at a cell phone in an effort to capture imaginary creatures.

Could mental competency factor into a Florida divorce?

Divorce can cause many people to feel as though their mental stability is under attack. However, there are certain cases that come before the court in Florida and elsewhere in which one party's mental stability is called into question. One state is struggling to determine whether a man who has been deemed mentally incompetent is capable of seeking a divorce from his own wife.