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May 2017 Archives

Court-ordered "reunification" and Florida families

Many parents have heard the term "parental alienation" but are unsure how that concept is applied during a child custody case. The idea of parental alienation is relatively new, and courts in Florida and across the nation are struggling to determine how to approach cases in which one parent accuses the other of alienating a child against the other parent. Unfortunately, a questionable industry has arisen to address these matters, and the outcome can truly be devastating to families.

Tips for Punta Gorda parents accused of parental alienation

Fighting a contentious child custody battle is never a simple or easy process. For many Florida parents, the relationship with one's former partner has deteriorated to the point where any type of collaboration or compromise is simply not possible. In some cases, one parent acts to turn the child or children against the other parent, a process that is known as parental alienation. An example is found in the recent case between Alex Jones and his former wife. Punta Gorda parents can learn a great deal from how that case is playing out.

Could Trump presidency be causing Punta Gorda divorces?

When asked why they chose to end their marriage, no two spouses will have the exact same set of reasons. Divorce is a complicated matter, one that depends heavily on the personalities, expectations, behaviors and preferences of the two individuals involved. In some cases, disagreements over political matters can cause tension in a marriage. According to some, the Trump presidency might be pushing those tensions to the limit, and causing some Punta Gorda residents to divorce.

Safe custody exchange locations for Punta Gorda parents

Once a child custody determination has been made, many parents are able to settle into a pattern of civil, if not friendly, custody exchanges. For some, however, high levels of tension and a history of domestic abuse makes custody exchanges a nightmare. The following information is offered in the hopes of easing this process for Punta Gorda parents.

Things to consider before moving out of your marital home

One thing that is probably on your mind as you file for divorce in Florida is moving out of the home you share with your family. This solution may provide you with some much-needed space away from your spouse to help keep disagreements and conflict at bay. But that move could have some serious ramifications that can result in an undesirable outcome.