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March 2017 Archives

Tax tips for Florida parents during and after divorce

During the course of a divorce, most people spend a great deal of time and effort considering how their financial circumstances could change once their marriage comes to an end. Even so, one of the most often overlooked topics regarding divorce is the impact this change in family status could have on both spouses' tax obligations. It is important to understand that a Florida divorce will have a great deal of impact on each party's tax standing for many years to come.

Avoid worsening a Florida child custody case

Parents who are faced with losing their right to maintain the care and custody of a child can become very emotional. This is understandable, as few things are more heartfelt than the love that a parent has for his or her child. When faced with a child custody fight, however, it is important that Florida parents act in ways that will support their end goals.  

How to address a Florida home during a divorce

When homeowners decide to go their separate ways, they must first decide what to do with their home. This is an area of contention for many couples, as there are several different ways to handle the disposition of a piece of Florida real estate. The following tips can help couples consider their options, and make a decision that is in line with their best interests.

Ideas for dealing with a difficult ex-spouse

Many marriages end in divorce. What the ex-spouses do after divorce and how they choose to behave toward each other is up to them. However, unless children are in the picture, there is often no reason for exes to see each other or to stay in touch. The fact is, though, that quite a few marriages do include children, and dealing with a difficult ex-spouse may be required for the kids' sake.

Punta Gorda parents must remain calm during custody issues

When a family is going through a child custody battle, emotions tend to run high. The care and custody of a child is a serious matter, and in many cases, both sides feel strongly that they are not being treated fairly, or that the child at the center of the dispute is not having his or her needs adequately met. However, parents in Punta Gorda and across the nation must take care to avoid acting against their own best interests when it comes to a contentious custody case.

Can religious choice impact the rights of Florida parents?

A controversial child custody matter has shined a spotlight on the conflict between the state's responsibility to protect the interests of children and the right of parents to dictate how their children will be raised. Parents in Florida and across the country are closely watching the case, as the outcome could impact parental rights and religious freedom for all Americans. At the center of the matter is the tragic death of a 2-year-old child, and the choices made by her parents in the days prior to her death.