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June 2016 Archives

Tips for starting over after a Florida divorce

Transitioning from married to single can be a hectic time, and many spouses experience a degree of anxiety over all of the legal aspects of the process. While it is important to attend to the legal side of things, Florida spouses should also take some time to envision how their lives will be shaped after the divorce is made final. This is a time of change, and there are many positive aspects of that change that can help make the transition easier.

Florida workers should not fear job loss during divorce

One of the many concerns facing divorcing Floridians involves the security of their employment. Divorce brings about a great many financial changes, and having the resources to meet one's financial needs is a top priority for most spouses in Florida or elsewhere. Fortunately, one state has recently addressed the issue of a worker being terminated over the fact that a divorce was underway, and found that such termination was wrongful.

Florida residents shocked by Johnny Depp divorce allegations

Most readers know actor Johnny Depp from his role as Captain Jack in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. Depp has had a long and successful career, often choosing quirky roles. Depp has also become well known for his rocky personal life; while the actor was married briefly in his early 20s, he has gone through many high profile relationships since. When he married model and actress Amber Heard nearly two years ago, many Florida fans were surprised. Now, it appears that Heard is claiming domestic violence as part of her reasoning behind filing for divorce.

Summer child custody tips for Punta Gorda parents

Sharing parenting time is difficult, especially for parents who have been very involved in the lives of their kids prior to a divorce. Summertime can offer a particular set of challenges, as there are various scheduling issues that must be accommodated, and usually longer visits involved. For many Punta Gorda parents, summer visitation is the cause of a great deal of tension. The following tips are offered in the hopes of making this summer one to remember, for all the right reasons.

Talking to kids about money after a Punta Gorda divorce

Divorce will change the landscape of a Florida family, especially when it comes to finances. Once a couple has ended their marriage, the money that used to go into supporting the combined household will now need to be spread across two individual households. In many cases, this means a drastic change in circumstances for families who are experiencing a Punta Gorda divorce. It is important for parents to have a game plan for discussing money matters with their kids.