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August 2016 Archives

Child custody attorney wins controversial case

A mother has prevailed in a child custody case in which the father of her two daughters challenged her living arrangement due to the fact that a convicted sex offender was sharing a home with the children. The case has led to widespread outrage in Florida and across the nation. Even so, from the perspective of the mother and her child custody attorney, the case is a precedent-setting win.

Misconceptions about Florida divorce and what to expect afterward

Going through a divorce can be a difficult process, one that no spouse envisions as he or she walks down the aisle. Even so, there is a pervasive belief that life after divorce will be overwhelmingly negative and that happiness will be elusive once the process is complete. In reality, there are plenty of new horizons ahead for Florida residents who move through a divorce and plenty of opportunities for happiness.

Can a Florida parent lose child custody rights based on poverty?

Many parents will encounter some form of financial turmoil at one point or another during the course of their lives. Few, however, believe that financial difficulties will result in the loss of their parental rights. That said, a recent high-profile case exemplifies the risks that parents in Florida and elsewhere take when approaching a child custody challenge without legal counsel.

Could Punta Gorda homeowners benefit from divorce mortgage?

A new lending product may be on the horizon, one that could be helpful to divorcing homeowners. Known as the "divorce mortgage," this is a financial tool that could give older homeowners additional options as they move through the property division process. While these loans are not yet available to Punta Gorda homeowners, a great deal of buzz on the topic merits and examination of these unusual loans.