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March 2016 Archives

Child custody case of interest to some Florida parents

A high profile child custody matter is making its way through the courts and has raised debate about the protections afforded to Native American children. For many Florida residents, the issue hits close to home, as even a slight degree of Native American ancestry is sufficient to qualify an individual as a Native American. Once that designation has been made concerning a child, there are specific protections afforded that child when it comes to custody matters.

What makes a prenuptial agreement stand up in court?

Prenuptial agreements have become an important component of marriages in Florida, particularly when it will not be the first marriage for one or both spouses. But the prenup isn't legally airtight, it may be challenged in divorce litigation, particularly if they fail to meet the basic requirements under Florida's laws for contracts. 

Divorce and child custody tips for Florida men

Reaching the end of a marriage is never easy for parents. As fathers, many men in Florida feel particularly ill-equipped to navigate the waters of being a single parent. It may be helpful to know that now is a truly great time in human history to be a divorced dad. There are plenty of ways to embrace one's new role as a co-parent and to create a child custody situation that works for all involved.

Consider retirement needs while negotiating a Florida divorce

As an individual ages, planning for retirement becomes more of a pressing matter. In the case of many married couples, provisions have been made to assist both spouses in making ends meet during retirement. Should the marriage end, however, it is imperative for Florida spouses to make property division choices that support their retirement needs and goals. Failure to do so can leave individuals with little choice but to continue working well into their projected retirement years.

A child custody attorney can guide parent collaboration

In many cases, Florida parents want to do what is right for their children, but become blinded by their own emotional reaction to the end of their marriage or relationship. It is difficult to set aside one's own feelings and focus exclusively on the needs of a child, but that is exactly what is called for during child custody discussions. Parents who want to try and work together to structure a custody or child support agreement should understand the importance of having a child custody attorney guide that process.

Florida parents must be flexible in child custody approach

When two parents have gone through a difficult breakup or have battled over the division of parenting time, there are often a number of lingering resentments that can color their interaction for many years to come. This is an understandable but unfortunate state of events, as it leaves both sides feeling as though the only way to deal with the other parent is through an adversarial stance. In reality, most Florida parents would be better served by trying to be as flexible as possible within their child custody agreement.