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January 2017 Archives

Stabilizing finances after a Florida divorce

For many spouses, financial matters form the backbone of their divorce approach. The importance of making wise decisions concerning the division of assets and other financial matters cannot be overstated. However, there is also something to be said for structuring one's financial life in the months that follow a Florida divorce.

Florida headlines in divorce case of Jesse Jackson Jr.

Certain readers may have read news coverage of the end of the marriage between Jesse Jackson, Jr., and his wife, Sandi Jackson. The couple have been in the headlines in recent years after they were accused of misappropriating campaign funds that were intended for use in Jackson's congressional run. After serving time in prison for those events, the couple is now preparing to go back to court to iron out the details of their divorce, which is making news in Florida and across the nation.

Tips for avoiding an overly emotional Florida divorce

Ending a marriage is never easy, even when both parties agree that it is the right thing to do. For many Florida spouses, this is an overwhelming experience, and one that brings up a great deal of emotions. Learning to overcome those emotions in favor of rational decision-making is important. When people are unable to set aside their feelings and focus on the details of a divorce, the outcome can be a settlement that will be difficult to live with.

If I am unmarried, does my baby's father have automatic paternity rights?

The state of Florida wants every child to have two legal parents, if at all possible. Advantages for the parents can include a say in all sorts of decisions concerning the child, time with the child and financial support. For the child, benefits can include legal matters such inheritances as well as health insurance and knowledge of his or her family medical history. In many cases, such as when the mother is married to the father when the baby is born, establishing paternity is straightforward. However, if you are an unmarried woman at the time of the birth, your baby's father does not automatically have paternity rights. Here's how these rights can be conferred.

Contact a child custody attorney prior to alternative care

When a parent is faced with a sick child, the urge to provide relief is overwhelming. In many cases, traditional medicine can offer little to no relief and can sometimes even exacerbate the problem. Some Florida parents turn to alternative medicine to help their kids. Doing so, however, can lead to serious legal issues. It is important to contact a child custody attorney before beginning any controversial type of alternative medical treatment.