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October 2019 Archives

Protecting investments during the property division process

Divorce will certainly bring financial changes and adjustments to both parties. It requires both spouses to get used to new circumstances, make changes to lifestyle expectations and adjust to different future prospects. One primary concern for many in Florida as they approach the property division process is how to manage and protect their finances during this time. 

Property division and its impact on future finances

The choices made during divorce will impact a person for years to come. For Florida couples, it may be better to set aside the temporary emotions that come up during this process in order to focus on securing terms that allow for a strong financial future. Property division can have a significant impact on retirement, but there are ways a person can rethink his or her long-term plans in a way that allows for full enjoyment of the golden years.

When is co-parenting the right child custody choice?

Children can suffer significant emotional harm when their parents make the choice to go through a divorce. Florida parents understand how important it is to make choices that allow for their kids' long-term success, which may influence the choices they make for child custody. In some cases, families find that co-parenting is a good way to provide their kids with stability and security.

Fair property division and its impact on retirement security

Divorce changes many things about a person's life, including his or her financial stability. The impact of a property division order can be felt for years to come, which is why it is important for a person nearing retirement to seek terms that are fair and reasonable. Divorce near the time of retirement is costly, and a reader will want to look for ways that he or she can secure a strong future.

Planning for the future with a strong prenuptial agreement

When planning to marry, it can be difficult to think about the future past the wedding day and the honeymoon. While engagement is an exciting time, it is beneficial for a Florida couple to look at their future and start planning now for possible contingencies. One way to do this is to draft a strong and thoughtful prenuptial agreement.