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April 2018 Archives

3 tips for negotiating alimony

If you are getting a divorce, you may have concerns about whether you will pay or receive alimony. Spousal support is a stressful issue, and you may be wondering how you will get a fair deal. Whether these payments will be necessary and in what amounts will be based on calculations and negotiations.

Tips for older Punta Gorda spouses facing divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy, but is can be especially difficult for older spouses. Making matters worse, some spouses are also preparing to take control of their own finances for the first time in decades. Far too many Punta Gorda residents allow their partner to handle all of the family's finances, which can leave them ill-prepared to assume those duties after a divorce. 

Many Florida spouses settle their divorce outside of court

Many couples choose to negotiate the details of their divorce through their attorneys, outside of a court of law. That is often a far better path for Florida spouses, as it can reduce the time and expense of a divorce, and also keep their private matters out of public display. High profile couple Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jackson recently settled their divorce, but only after years of highly visible strife. 

Do embryo cases require a child custody attorney?

One state's new law is creating heated debates around the nation. The law centers on disputes between parties who created and stored embryos prior to a divorce or breakup, and are using a child custody attorney to fight the issue. In the past, courts in Florida and elsewhere have been reluctant to grant one party the right to have a child against the will of the other. This new law, however, gives preference ot the party who wishes to become a parent, which effectively forces parenthood on the other party. 

Did this man follow the advice of a child custody attorney?

Going through a divorce is never an easy matter, especially for couples who share one or more children. Some Florida spouses experience a great deal of stress during a divorce, which can cause them to make choices that are not in line with their best interests. An example is found in another part of the country, where a man most certainly did not follow the advice of a child custody attorney when deciding to forge his wife's signature on their divorce papers.