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Florida residents shocked by Johnny Depp divorce allegations

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Prenuptial Agreements

Most readers know actor Johnny Depp from his role as Captain Jack in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. Depp has had a long and successful career, often choosing quirky roles. Depp has also become well known for his rocky personal life; while the actor was married briefly in his early 20s, he has gone through many high profile relationships since. When he married model and actress Amber Heard nearly two years ago, many Florida fans were surprised. Now, it appears that Heard is claiming domestic violence as part of her reasoning behind filing for divorce.

As with so many reports of abuse, the details surrounding the issue are murky. Heard claims that Depp threw a cell phone at her during an argument, striking her in the face and leaving bruises. However, staff at the couple’s apartment building have told reporters that there were no signs of bruising in the days following the incident. Heard sought and was granted a temporary restraining order days afterward. She also asked the court to order Depp to pay temporary spousal support in the amount of $50,000 per month, a request that was denied.

Her bid for temporary alimony has led to significant negative publicity for Heard, with many claiming that the domestic violence accusations are nothing more than a ploy to try and gain more money in the divorce settlement. In response to those allegations, Heard has formally withdrawn her request for spousal support. She has issued a statement to say that the media and the public have used the financial aspects of the case to detract from what she believes is the real issue, domestic violence.

A hearing is scheduled to determine if the restraining order should be made permanent. However, Heard’s legal team is asking that the hearing be delayed, due to Heard’s busy schedule. Depp’s attorney is pushing for the hearing to take place in the near future, so that the matter is put to rest and there is no further damage to Depp’s career or public image. Florida residents who are following the case should try to avoid making assumptions about the inner workings of this or any other marriage.


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