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Tips for starting over after a Florida divorce

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Family Law

Transitioning from married to single can be a hectic time, and many spouses experience a degree of anxiety over all of the legal aspects of the process. While it is important to attend to the legal side of things, Florida spouses should also take some time to envision how their lives will be shaped after the divorce is made final. This is a time of change, and there are many positive aspects of that change that can help make the transition easier.

Getting married means joining two lives, and starting a combined life that will take on a shape of its own. For most people, this requires setting aside certain interests and pastimes to accommodate the relationship. Whether to make one’s partner happy or simply because of a lack of time, many personal pursuits tend to fall by the wayside once a marriage is underway.

Divorce offers an opportunity to revisit some of those lost pursuits, or to take on new interests and hobbies. Once a couple has separated and is headed for divorce, both spouses will have a great deal more time on their hands. This time can be put to good use by creating a life that is reflective of one’s interests and goals and is structured around the needs of someone else. Some spouses will join a softball team, while others will restore a vintage car. Some will strengthen their bonds with friends and family, while others will take salsa lessons or build a fire pit in the backyard.

No matter what pursuits are chosen, taking steps to redesign one’s life during divorce is a great way to focus on the future, instead of the past. For many in Florida, that can go a long way toward making divorce easier to bear. It is always important to take care of the legal aspects of a divorce, but spouses should also spend some time rebuilding their lives as individuals.

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