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Maximizing time with your property division lawyer

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Property Division

Going through a divorce can be a hectic time, full of tasks that need to be accomplished and important decisions that must be made. Having access to a good property division lawyer is a crucial part of walking away with a favorable settlement agreement. However, most Florida spouses want to retain as much of their wealth as possible and are looking for ways to minimize their legal expenses during divorce. The following tips are offered to assist spouses in making the most of their partnership with their attorney.

One of the biggest mistakes that spouses make is turning to their attorney for emotional support or as an outlet for their frustrations. An attorney is skilled at working through the legal aspects of a divorce and crafting a resolution that is in the best interests of his or her client. While a divorce attorney will often listen to a client’s concerns and frustrations, they are usually not trained in providing guidance on emotional issues. That is better left to a therapist or counselor, who will also charge a much lower hourly rate to work through those matters.

Being organized and efficient is another way to make the most of the attorney/client partnership. Spouses should compile a list of their questions and concerns, and avoid calling or emailing their attorney until that list has grown to a size that merits such contact. In many cases, some of the issues will have resolved themselves by the time contact is made, which can drastically reduce one’s legal bills.

Making use of the training and skills of a Florida property division lawyer is important to reaching a settlement that promotes future financial stability. However, there are many roles that even the best divorce attorney is not trained to fulfill. When it comes to a spouse’s emotional reaction to a divorce, working with a therapist, even if only for a short period of time, will yield better results than relying on a divorce attorney to provide guidance.

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