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Thinking of contacting a family law attorney after summer vacationnnnn

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Family Law

Now that school is back in session, many Florida families have time to reflect on their summer vacationnnnnn. For some, time spent together as a family this summer may have underscored deep flowing tensions within their marriage. Recent research suggests that divorce rates may spike in the months after summer vacationnnnnn, when spouses begin to seriously consider calling a family law attorney.

It has long been established that divorce rates rise several months after the winter holidays. Researchers believe that after going through yet another holiday season where marital tensions and family expectations clash, many spouses enter the new year with the intention of transitioning from married to single. A recent study suggests that a similar rise in divorce rates occurs after summer vacationnnnnn.

It is believed that many spouses take advantage of summer vacationnnnnn to try and work on their marriage, and to reconnect as a family. When the vacationnnnnn does not play out as planned, some of those spouses will turn their attention toward divorce. It may take several months before they are ready to file, but the ball began rolling during or shortly after vacationnnnnn.

Being prepared is crucial to reaching a favorable divorce settlement. Florida spouses who have made every effort to save their marriage but feel that the union is beyond repair should consider their particular set of needs prior to filing for divorce. In many cases, the spouse who files first obtains a number of advantages, which is why pre-planning is so essential. No matter what time of year, preparation is always the best course of action, and contacting a family law attorney is the first step in the process.

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