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A few things to keep in mind as you a divorce

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Divorce

Many divorces go relatively smoothly, while others equate to rough rides for both partners. While there is nearly always intense pain and emotion during the process, you can do a few things to help yourself better weather this huge change in your life.

Anticipate and list your expenses

Your financial situation is changing. For example, you may be moving out of your house, or you could be giving up your car. Likewise, if you have worked part-time and depend on your spouse for health insurance, it is a good idea to plan now for paying your own insurance. Even if you are staying in your residence and keeping all your vehicles, you may now be responsible for a bigger chunk of the monthly payments. To that end, start saving a little more money than you need to. That way, you are prepared when surprises occur.

Track and document

You need to verify your credit history as well as your assets. Your spouse’s hidden debt may come to light-better it happens now than later. Take photographs of your assets and make copies of records such as mortgage payments, property deeds, insurance policies and tax returns.

Predict how your needs will change

Quite a few divorces bring changes in housing and transportation needs. One thing to keep in mind is making room for your children if you seek joint custody or generous visitation. Florida law presumes that both parents should have equal time with their children; if this time is important to you, start right away to find space for your kids in a new residence. You may need to get creative, using bunk beds if space is tight, but your effort is sure to go a long way.

Plan how to solve any weak areas

Now that you have looked at your likely expenses and needs, it is time to strategize how to take care of weak spots. Going back to school, finding a job or searching or a different job may be among your top options. Also, if one of your main concerns has to do with the divorce’s expected price tag or time with your children, meditation can be an excellent way to address your apprehensions. The focus is on working together for practical and acceptable solutions.

Planning ahead can help you come out of divorce better than you thought possible. An attorney familiar with the most current divorce laws can work with you to identify your needs and optimize solutions.

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