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Holiday visitation tips for Punta Gorda parents

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Child Custody

Moving through divorce can be a difficult time for families. For some Punta Gorda parents, navigating the waters of divorce and child custody during the holiday season can be an especially challenging time. Those who can take a collaborative approach and put the needs of their children first can greatly improve the chances of a successful holiday season.

When it comes to visitation during the holidays, both parents should begin from a position of cooperation. That may mean deviating from the existing visitation schedule so that children can spend time with the other parent and his or her extended family. The holidays are no time to insist upon strict adherence to a rigid custody schedule. In the best outcomes, both parents can expect to receive the same amount of consideration when they encounter scheduling obstacles themselves.

Parents must also make an effort to avoid speaking ill of one another in the presence of their shared children. Kids identify with both parents, and when one displays negativity toward the other, children can have a hard time distancing themselves from the matter. Parents need to remember that their former partner is and will always be their child’s other parent, a position that is worthy of respect.

It is also important to avoid undue arguments during the holidays. The last few months of the year are stressful time for many parents, without factoring in additional contention based on visitation issues. Punta Gorda parents should make every effort to work together to reach a holiday schedule that is beneficial to all involved, and one that places the needs of the children at the forefront.

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