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Tips for Punta Gorda parents accused of parental alienation

by | May 13, 2017 | Child Custody

Fighting a contentious child custody battle is never a simple or easy process. For many Florida parents, the relationship with one’s former partner has deteriorated to the point where any type of collaboration or compromise is simply not possible. In some cases, one parent acts to turn the child or children against the other parent, a process that is known as parental alienation. An example is found in the recent case between Alex Jones and his former wife. Punta Gorda parents can learn a great deal from how that case is playing out.

Jones is the man behind the controversial website InfoWars, which gives a platform to conspiracy theorists and appeals to a distinct alt-right audience. Jones and his former wife have been embroiled in a bitter custody fight for some time, and Alex Jones had custody of the couple’s three children until a recent court decision. His former wife, Kelly Jones, claims that she and her children have been subjected to parental alienation at the hands of Alex Jones.

The court ruled in her favor, but her former husband has filed a motion asking the judge to set aside a jury verdict in the matter. In the meantime, Kelly Jones has been very vocal in the press about the lack of contact she has been able to have with her kids, and the disturbing things they have said to her about statements made by their father. She has also expressed a desire to provide the children with the love and support of both parents, which may have played a big role in her success in court.

Faced with claims of parental alienation, the court will look for ways to allow a child to form or maintain a close bond with both parents. Absent any abuse or neglect, it is unreasonable for one parent to try and remove the other from the life of a shared child. By speaking out about the need for her children to remain close to their father and acknowledging their love for him, Kelly Jones presented herself as the reasonable party who was looking out for the best interests of the children. That could have been enough to sway the court to alter the custody agreement, which is a lesson that could serve many Punta Gorda, Florida parents.

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