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Reasons to ask a family law attorney about collaborative divorce

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Family Law

When many people think about collaborative divorce, they envision a process that bears no resemblance to a traditionally litigated divorce. In reality, however, Florida families who pursue a collaborative divorce still have all of the protections and advocacy afforded to traditional divorce clients. The only difference is that a family law attorney who focuses on collaborative divorce begins from a position of collaboration, rather than adversity.

Both parties in collaborative divorce have their own independent attorneys. Those professionals advise clients on the pros and cons of various options regarding property division, child custody and other matters. The attorneys also work to guide the divorce process forward in a collaborative manner.

That does not mean setting aside one’s own interests or failing to take actions that can lead to a strong financial foundation for the years to come. In collaborative divorce, both parties work together to reach a divorce settlement that is in line with each of their needs. It is a divorce approach that is growing in popularity, as more and more spouses and attorneys across the nation begin to embrace the approach.

To learn more about collaborative divorce, contact a family law attorney and ask whether he or she has been trained in the collaborative process. Ending a marriage does not have to be a process filled with stress and contention. Through collaborative divorce, a marriage can be dissolved in a way that allows both Florida spouses to move forward toward future pursuits. While collaboration is not a good fit for every couple, it is certainly an option that deserves careful consideration.

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