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A family law attorney can help when divorcing a narcissist

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Family Law

Many spouses are difficult, especially during the course of a divorce. There are some instances, however, when a Florida spouse is a clinical narcissist. Divorcing a narcissistic spouse is an even more harrowing experience, and one that can be improved by working with a skilled family law attorney.

A narcissist is unable to see things from another person’s point of view. He or she will go to great lengths to avoid taking any personal responsibility for the events that led to the end of the marriage and will not cooperate during the legal end of the union. Expect and prepare for an uphill battle.

One way to prepare is by limiting communications with the soon-to-be ex. By avoiding in-person or phone communications, the narcissistic spouse will be forced to use text messaging or email to communicate. That creates a paper trail, which can be useful in court if the communications turn to harassment. It can also go a long way toward reducing tension during the divorce process.

It’s also important to select a Florida family law attorney who is well versed in dealing with a narcissist. There are certain tactics that can make the process easier to navigate. For example, it’s critical to let the narcissist feel that he or she is “winning” during the divorce. Structuring a property division negotiation around that fact can help give the impression that one party is accepting a less favorable settlement, when in reality, the agreement is perfectly aligned with one’s needs and goals.

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