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Starting the tricky conversation about prenuptial agreements

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Prenuptial Agreements

It has never been an easy conversation to start. Nevertheless, more young people in Florida are considering asking their partners for prenuptial agreements after becoming engaged. In fact, more than half of the family law attorneys questioned in a recent survey said they are handling more requests for premarital contracts than just three years earlier. For many, however, bringing up the topic without being misunderstood is a challenge.

Prenuptial agreements have a bad reputation, and experts recommend beginning the conversation as early as possible to weigh the reaction of one’s partner. There is no way to avoid the awkwardness of the idea, so being forthright and truthful is often the best approach. By sharing one’s personal experiences with respect and candor, many are able to win appreciation for the idea, or at least the promise of some further consideration on the matter.

While it may seem dark to point out that all marriages end, either through divorce or death, it is a fact. A prenuptial agreement can be a great way to ensure that both partners have security in either event. In fact, the thorny matters many Florida couples grapple with during a divorce may be settled more amicably if a couple agrees to conditions while they are still seeking the best for each other early in their relationship.

Another selling point may be suggesting that the couple draft their agreement together. While it is important that each partner has individual legal advice, the prenuptial agreement should not be the handiwork of the higher earning spouse alone. The spouse requesting the agreement may gain tremendous respect by promising a reasonable, equitable final result.

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