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Florida spouses can avoid negative health impacts of divorce

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Family Law

For those spouses who are considering filing for divorce this year, it may be helpful to also think about how the process could impact health and wellness. According to some experts, divorce can lead to serious negative health consequences for many. Florida residents who are preparing to end a marriage can take steps to avoid a similar outcome.

Researchers found that people who’ve gone through divorce are more likely to smoke or live sedentary lifestyles than those who are married or single. When asked about the reasons for those statistics, researchers suggested that one’s spouse often plays a role in moderating bad habits and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. When that influence is suddenly gone, may people backslide into their previous bad habits.

The best way to avoid this outcome begins by simply acknowledging the areas where health improvements can be made. The next step involves creating a plan to address those areas, whether that means finding a good smoking cessation program, a fitness trainer, or joining a gym or yoga class. Health and wellness is very individualized, and what works best for one person may not be as effective for another.

Florida spouses who are preparing for divorce should take steps to preserve or improve their health from the very onset. The end result is not only avoidance of serious health consequences, but also a renewed vitality and vigor. That can go a long way toward improving the months and years that follow a divorce, and is a great way to enter this next phase of life.

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