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Do Florida divorce rates rise and fall based on finances?

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Property Division

Divorce rates rely on a great many things, including social and cultural shifts. Financial shifting can also play a role in the number of divorce cases in Florida and elsewhere. It seems that when couples face fewer money struggles they have less motivation to remain in marriages that are no longer working.

Money is a central focus throughout many marriages, beginning from the engagement period and extending even after the union ends. Various studies support the notion that strife over money is among the leading causes of marital unhappiness. That can be especially true if there are big differences between how each spouse approaches spending and saving.

In a marriage where one spouse is a spender while the other values the security that a sizable savings account brings, there is bound to be trouble. Another source of stress may be shifting gender roles that conflict with how one partner views his or her position within the relationship. Even in cases where a couple agrees to embrace more traditional roles of breadwinner/homemaker, tensions can rise over the years, leading to significant strife.

When it comes to matters of divorce, money will once again take center stage. Florida spouses should work closely with a skilled divorce attorney who can provide guidance in the many important decisions that come at the end of a marriage. A fair and favorable property division outcome can ensure that both spouses are able to walk away with sufficient funding to create a new financial structure of their own choosing.

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