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Could Florida federal workers face child support enforcement?

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Family Law

Many federal workers are happy to be back on the job, but worried that another shutdown might be looming on the horizon. Going without a paycheck is difficult, and workers are coming out of a stressful couple of months. Many have yet to receive their back pay, and some federal contractors may not be paid at all. For Florida parents tasked with making child support payments, this series of events may have placed them at risk of child support enforcement actions.

Some parents have their child support taken directly from their paycheck, either through a direct deposit arrangement or a garnishment. That process falls apart, however, when the amount in one’s paycheck is zero or is not enough to cover the payment. That can trigger a number of processes, including the loss of professional and/or driver’s licenses, court action and other enforcement issues.

The best way to address this situation is to begin by reaching out to the local child support enforcement office and explain the situation. It may be possible to work out a new, temporary repayment structure. For parents who maintain a good relationship with their former partner, it might be possible to reach an agreement on repayment.

The coming weeks will be stressful for federal workers and government contractors. The timing of back pay remains uncertain, and contractors might not ever be paid. If financial strain seems like it may become a longer-term issue, working with a skilled Florida family law attorney may be the right course of action. It may be possible to obtain a child support modification due to the recent government shutdown.

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