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Reducing child custody conflict when it’s back-to-school time

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Child Custody

The time of year when summer break is over and kids head back to school is stressful for many Florida families. It can be especially difficult for high-conflict parents who are sharing child custody. There are a few things that parents can do, even before their divorce is final, to reduce conflict and make these times of transition easier for every member of the family.

One important step is to focus on communication. There are a few apps that allow parents to do this, and some even allow parents to share dates and exchange important information without communicating directly. Another step for high-conflict families is to discuss early on how parents will share the costs associated with the kids going back to school. This includes expenses pertaining to clothing, school supplies, fees and more.

It may also help to communicate with teachers about a child’s living and custody situation so that the teacher can communicate with the parents appropriately. And finally, parents can reduce conflict by setting aside their own feelings and making things as smooth as possible for their children. This can even include sending first day of school pictures to the other parent when circumstances warrant.

Child custody issues do not go away simply because the divorce is final. Florida parents can address potentially contentious matters, such as back-to-school procedures, in their parenting plans, avoiding many complications before they have a chance to arise. It benefits the whole family when there are fewer disputes and fights regarding the parenting decisions, child-related expenses and parent-to-parent communication.

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